Yoga for Cancer Care


Yoga for Cancer Care/Gentle Yoga 

Currently there are no regularly schedule YFCC classes taking place. If you would like to arrange a private or group session or series please contact Elisabeth for more information!

About Yoga for Cancer Care:

  • Research studies have shown yoga and other types of mind-body practices can help improve patient treatment outcomes and quality-of-life. Doctors are now recommending yoga as a way to manage anxiety, depression and overall mental-emotional-physical wellness of their patients. 
  • Yoga for cancer care is designed with gentle yoga poses offered in a safe supported environment, providing props and modifications to work with your unique circumstances.  Breath work and meditation are used for centering and grounding and have been proven to reduce stress and anxiety. This class will use supportive practices to create ease and comfort to the body as a result from the disease and its treatment, focusing movement on lymph distribution and support for the immune system. 
  • All levels of experience are welcome. Classes/sessions are open to those currently undergoing treatment, people with a history of cancer as well as patients caregivers.

January 2016 Elisabeth completed an intensive Yoga for Cancer Care Teacher Training through Green Lotus Studios specializing in pose modifications, breath work, meditation and focusing on movement to aid in lymph distribution.