Body positive workshops for plus sized yoga, yoga for larger bodies, or anyone looking for an introduction to yoga where we use props and have time to dive in to each pose, finding the variation that works best for your body.


Upcoming Workshops

Sat, Feb 3rd ~ Body Love @ Yess Yoga  (23 East 26th St ,Mpls)


Body Love is coming to Yess! The 1st Saturday of each month we will come together to explore asana, breath-work, meditation and more.  Our focus will vary each month but all will be based around finding a bit more love for the bodies we live in. In February we will also take time to discuss what this we are looking for and create ideas for the months to follow.  Find more info on the Yess Yoga website and click here register to insure a spot as space is limited! 

$30 for one month or $100 to sign up for the first four (Feb 3, Mar 3, April 7 & May 5th)

Fri, Feb 9, 2018 ~ F*ck You-Ga @ Yess Yoga  


The 2nd Annual F You-ga is happening at Yess! Come together to sweat and pound out frustrations & disappointments, to rage and vent and move. You might feel ragey at the Super Bowl, road construction, online dating, at the current state of politics, at life....what ever reason you need to rage at the world, this is the place to let it all out! Elisabeth invites you to  let it all out in a passionate, loud, NSFW 60 minute vinyasa. This ain't your mama's yoga. 

$25 with proceeds going to Our Justice/Pro-Choice Resources