Private Yoga

Private yoga session information for curvy yoga minneapolis.  One-time or weekly sessions are available for students in larger or plus sized bodies or anyone interested in one on one or small group time focused on alignment, yoga basics in a body positive safe supported environment.  

Private Yoga Sessions

 If you are interested in yoga but unsure about walking into a studio class, would  like personalized sessions tailored to your specific needs, or would like to offer yoga to a group of friends or co-workers we can create an experience just for you!  Email or call (612.616.8675) Elisabeth for more information!

 Private Individual Yoga for either Curvy or Cancer Care students  

Would you like to expand your practice beyond the classroom or begin an individual practice?  Traditionally, yoga was always taught one-on-one: one teacher, one student. This connection between teacher and student allowed for the development of practices catered to the needs and desires of the individual student.

Private yoga sessions are the best way to get a truly personal practice, created just for you and where you are in the present moment. During a session, you will have a chance to talk with the teacher one-on-one, addressing any concerns or areas you want to pay attention to. You and the teacher will then work together to create a deeply fulfilling, personal practice providing the support and variations that work best for you in your unique body.

    Conference or Corporate Yoga -

  • Curvy yoga is ideal for a large group who may be of varying abilities and experience levels.  One time events or reoccurring classes can be scheduled based on your needs.

  •  Celebration Yoga - you name the group or the event and we will tailor a special time and practice for you.  Come together and connect body, mind and soul in a memorable event paired to your unique group.

o   Milestone birthdays (which in our opinion is EVERY birthday!)

o   Bachelorette or bridal showers, Girls Night Out, or family gatherings.

o   Girl Scouts, book clubs, knitting  or biking groups, etc.